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IP scheduling server

IP scheduling server


The IP command and dispatch integrated communication system integrates the advantages of many domestic and foreign dispatch systems, follows the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T) and relevant standards of the Chinese communication industry (YD), and integrates the design concept of IP switches with the functions of group telephones. The system integrates the most advanced computer software technology and VoIP audio and video technology, with functions such as command, scheduling, broadcasting, intercom, shouting, alarm, contingency plan, electronic map, and unmanned operation.

23 inch integrated server dispatching console

23 inch integrated server disp…


The equipment is equipped with two master dispatching telephone stations, which adopt standard SIP protocol, support the basic functions of commonly used IP phones, support camera linkage, and support handsfree. Each telephone station is equipped with an 8.5W speaker, which supports automatic call answering and public address. Cooperate with our server to realize single call, group call, group call, monitoring, forced disassembly, broadcast call, multi-party conference, GPS electronic map, video call and other functions

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