Waterproof flared horn
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Explosion-proof and waterproof loudspeaker

Explosion-proof and waterproof…

NO.:AFT-LB-REDMaterial:Aluminum alloySize:φ360×H350

The power is 30W, the rated resistance is 8Ω, the protection level is IP65, and the explosion-proof design is used. It is an explosion-proof fire-fighting broadcast alarm speaker. Installed in the public area of inflammable and explosive places, used for amplifying and transmitting long-distance sound and alarm. Applicable to petrochemical industry, oil depot, zone 1, zone 2 and dust inflammable and explosive places, manual auxiliary alarm for fire in zone 21 and zone 22, and passed the inspection by the inspection unit designated by the state. And obtained an explosion-proof certificate.

Waterproof loudspeaker

Waterproof loudspeaker

NO.:AFT-LB-BLUEMaterial:Aluminum alloySize:φ210*206(L)mm

The output power is 30W, the rated impedance is 8Ω, and the protection level is IP55. It is aimed at the propaganda and alarm audio devices on various lifting equipment, cranes, mines and large cranes. It is suitable for the high power of lifting equipment such as rural broadcasting, ports, mines, metallurgy, etc. The loudspeaker alarm audio device is especially suitable for rural empty broadcasting, high-altitude and noisy scenes.

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