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IP desktop telephone

IP desktop telephone

NO.:AFT-SIP-A2Material:128X64 pixel backlit LCD display screenSize:189 x 153 x 33mm

SIP-A2 is a user-friendly and minimalist entry-level IP phone that features a backlit graphic LCD screen with a resolution of 128X64, providing users with a clear visual experience. It provides one SIP account, comes with a local 5-party conference, and has rich business functions. In addition, the adjustable multi angle bracket can meet the needs of users in different scenarios. Easy to install and use, easy to manage, it is a powerful assistant for improving office efficiency.

High end enterprise business IP phone

High end enterprise business I…

NO.:AFT-X210Material:4.3 inch main color display screenSize:309 x 214 x 187mm

X210 is a high-end business IP phone suitable for users who require flexibility and advanced features to easily handle busy phone communication at work. The 4.3-inch main color display screen of X210 has 10 DSS buttons, and the two 3.5-inch side color displays can be configured with up to 96 DSS buttons (32 physical buttons). Therefore, X210 can be configured with up to 106 DSS buttons for setting BLF/speed dial, multicast functions, etc.

Enterprise class intelligent touch screen IP phone

Enterprise class intelligent t…

NO.:AFT-A32iMaterial:10.1-inch color touch screenSize:309 x 214 x 187mm

A visual large screen pager specially developed for the needs of industrial users, equipped with gooseneck microphone, supports high-definition handsfree calls. Based on Android 9.0 system, it can support the installation and use of third-party Android applications, and the interface is convenient to use. It can call, two-way intercom, monitor/monitor, and broadcast the host and extension within the management area. It can enable enterprises to maximize their daily business management efficiency and emergency handling capacity.

High end business IP speaker

High end business IP speaker

NO.:AFT-X210iMaterial:4.3-in color screenSize:309 x 214 x 187mm

The x210i is a visual pager product developed specifically for industry user needs, equipped with a goose neck microphone to support high-definition hands-free calls. With intelligent programmable keys, one key calling function can be set to improve enterprise communication efficiency. Compatible with standard SIP protocol for use as a monitoring center, a leadership office management host computer that performs calls, two-way intercoms, listening / monitoring, radio yells to both the host and ext within the administration jurisdiction.

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