School phone
4G cloud platform swipe family number phone
Product No.AFT-BG-100Q
Shell material: cold rolled steel
Surface treatment: high temperature injection
Color: Green
Dimensions: 301 × 215 × 85mm
Protection level: IP54
Installation method: wall-mounted
Adapt to temperature: -20 - 70 ° C
Adapt to humidity: 75% or less

Product details

product description

● Telephone users

The user holds a card (13.56M radio frequency card, ID card, CPU card) or IC card through the campus card, lifts the handset and swipes the card to use.
● Recharge management
① Web page recharge: Users can take the card to the designated recharge point to recharge. The administrator of the designated top-up point needs to log in to the cloud platform system on the web page, find the student information in "Student-Management" and perform manual top-up.
② WeChat recharge: Users follow the WeChat official account and bind and associate the WeChat account with the IC card account registered on the system through their mobile phone number. Then enter the IC card account homepage and find "online recharge" to realize intelligent automatic recharge.
③ Campus app (merchant version) recharge: users hold the card to the pointing store, and the store personnel use the campus app to recharge the IC card through the IC card number/name/account.
● Built-in phone card in the phone
Support China Unicom/Mobile 2G, 3G, 4G; support telecom 4G and need to activate VOLTE; also support the use of special cards for the Internet of Things (provided by our company).

Scope of application
Campuses, stations, docks, airports, scenic spots, squares, shopping malls, residential properties, municipal engineering, regulatory complaints, convenience services, hospitals, vehicle management offices and other places. 

Phone feature highlights

How to use

After off-hook, swipe your card, enter the number, and press ok to dial out

Card type

13.56M RF card, ID card, CPU card, IC card, etc.

Use platform

Web page cloud platform management, WeChat public account, campus APP (business version, parent version)

Executive standard

YD/T1626-2007 "Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Fixed Wireless Telephones"



net weight

3.2 kg

Power supply

220V±20%/50Hz AC

Mean time between failures (MTBF)


Power supply

Line power ≥16 mA

Tensile strength of handle cord

>150 kg

Expand function

With a serial port, support for face-swiping device access

Inside the phone

1. Volume setting
2. Display settings
3. Emergency telephone settings (110, 119, 120, etc.)
4. Disable time (working time period)
5. Banned numbers (blacklist)
6. Maximum call duration (single call duration)
7. Network parameter setting (domain name setting)
8. Lock the net and lock the card
9. Password setting

Phone structure diagram

Network diagram

Installation method

a. Drill 3 Φ6 holes (185×156mm) on the wall according to the installation hole size, and insert rubber plugs;
b. Open the phone with a key and pass the power cord through the threading hole;
c. Use the matching self-tapping screws to install the gasket, pass through the phone back panel, and fix the back panel on the rubber plug;
d. Insert the power cord into the mainboard power socket, buckle the phone cover on the back panel and lock it with a key, and then turn on the power and turn it on.

Card introduction

The user holds a card (13.56M radio frequency card, ID card, CPU card) or makes a call through the IC card of the campus card.
Material: PVC, ABS, PET
Color: default white, batch can be customized
Printing: silk screen, offset printing, digital printing
Process: thermal lamination
Coding method: inkjet, laser code, flat code, convex code, UV code

Cloud platform system introduction

● Administrator
You can view phone status, call records, total number of schools/classes/students, recharge records, and other information on the cloud platform; add and edit schools/classes/students; add and edit phones; add and edit stores; you can modify rates and recharge online; view agents Merchant account balance and income, etc.
● Parents
Follow the WeChat official account and bind and associate the WeChat account with the IC card account registered on the system through the mobile phone number. If not registered, parents can register by themselves by scanning the QR code provided by the agent.
     In the account management homepage of the WeChat official account, parents can view IC card account information, historical call records, recharge records, set family numbers, dial passwords without a card, freeze accounts, recharge online, add messages, etc.
     When a student uses an IC card to make a call, the parent's WeChat account will immediately receive a push notification after the call is over. You can view the call history, the IC card account balance after the call, the package usage, etc., so that parents can understand the student's IC card usage status .

Cloud platform system structure diagram

● Frequently used: View information such as online phone, phone in call, today call, current month call, today recharge, current month recharge, total student, recent offline phone, recent call, 24-hour call statistics, 30-day call statistics, etc. Add, edit, delete schools/classes/students/stores.
● Payment/Rate/Package: Browse the currently available rates and package options on the cloud platform. If there is no suitable rate or package, you can contact us for customization.
● Various records: check the IC card account recharge, call, income, finance, payment and other details.
● Account recharge & renewal: recharge the cloud platform account.
● My account: View cloud platform account information, bind withdrawing WeChat accounts, system operation traces, and obtain binding codes for self-service account opening, etc.

Cloud platform WeChat terminal introduction

The WeChat terminal of the cloud platform is used by parents. Parents bind and associate the WeChat account with the registered IC card account on the system through their mobile phone number, so that parents can understand the status of students.

Mainly divided into the following functions:
Account information: You can view the balance of the phone bill, school, class, package foreign investment fee, last use (time), IC card (physical card number), and account number. You can set the status of the IC card account (normal/frozen), and the password for dialing without a card.
Family number management: you can add/modify family number. It supports the maximum number of family love numbers set by the school where the IC card account is located on the cloud platform system.
History CDR: You can view the call records of the current student IC card account.
Online recharge: You can recharge student IC cards.
Recharge record: You can view the current student’s IC card account recharge record.
Message function: add or delete messages. Hold the card and swipe the card on the phone in the on-hook state to read the latest message.

Cloud platform campus APP introduction

● Merchant version (for the time being, only Android system is supported)
Support agent cloud platform account and store account login, the permissions of the two are different.

Store account
1. Recharge the student’s IC card account.
2. View the details of all student IC card accounts recharged by the store account.
3. Check the store account balance and accumulated recharge.
4. Open an account/change card for the student.
5. Transfer between stores and stores.

Agent Cloud Platform Account
1. Recharge the store account.
2. View the real-time status of all phones managed by the agent account.
3. Check the agent account balance and validity period.
4. Recharge the agent account balance and validity period.
5. Check the agent account balance and the recharge details of the validity period.

● Parent Edition (support ios and android system)

1. View the student's recent call records.
2. Check the status of the message (read/unread).
3. Check the balance of the phone bill, school, class, package foreign investment fee, last use (time), IC card (physical card number), account number.
4. Set the status of the IC card account (normal/frozen), card-free dialing password
5. Fill in the face information, attendance card number, and IC card number.
6. Recharge the IC card account. (Currently only supports online recharge on Android app)
7. You can add or modify the family number. (Dial freely, please do not add family number)

Product packaging specifications
Specification: 1 set/box
Gross weight: 4.2 KG
Net weight: 3.2 KG
Packing: EPE, carton

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