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4G cloud platform credit card free dial

4G cloud platform credit card …

NO.:AFT-BG-05BMaterial:ABS materialSize:220×175×94.5mm

The phone needs to have a built-in mobile phone card (with data and calls) or an IoT card to use it. If you use a telecom 4G card, you need to activate the high-definition voice call function; you can set free rates and packages; real-time display of phone status; card issuance, card replacement, loss reporting, and recharge; support for WeChat; support for mobile apps; query call records, etc. Features.

4G Plug-in Card Plastic Desk Phone

4G Plug-in Card Plastic Desk P…

NO.:AFT-BG-05AMaterial:ABS materialSize:220×175×94.5mm

AFT-BG-05A plug-in card phone adopts wireless 4G full Netcom signal transmission mode. When using this phone to make a call, you need to put the mobile phone card in the special card sleeve, and then insert the card sleeve into the card slot of the phone. After the signal detection is normal, you can make a call. Mainly suitable for areas where mobile phones are not allowed. Support lock network lock card.

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