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The first batch of 5G cities covered 40 cities

On June 6, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China officially issued 5G licenses to the three major operators and China Radio and Television. This marks a big step for China's 5G network process!
In the face of 5G network implementation, the three major operators have their own deployment and plans.

China Mobile and China Unicom (6.170, 0.09, 1.48%) first announced the list of 40 cities that achieved 5G network coverage in China. The details of the list are as follows:

In response to the subsequent deployment plan, China Mobile said that after obtaining the 5G business license, it will accelerate the deployment of 5G networks, build the world's largest 5G boutique network, and vigorously promote the “5G+” plan.

China Unicom said that it has already made sufficient preparations for 5G commercials in the early stage. Based on the construction of 5G test network in 40 cities, the 5G pioneer friendly experience plan will be launched.

China Telecom plans to conduct 5G scale testing and application demonstrations in 17 cities, and on this basis, the service scope will be rapidly expanded to 40 cities. And continue to optimize network coverage, and actively cultivate innovative applications in the industry.

In response to the concerns of network users facing 5G, the three major operators also gave clear and specific answers.

Faced with the urgent expectation of many users, China Mobile said that it will provide 5G services in more than 40 cities by the end of September this year, so that customers can open 5G services without changing the card and not changing the number, and will continue to expand services in the future. The scope allows our customers to use 5G services conveniently and quickly, and enjoy the benefits brought by 5G new technologies.

In the face of 5G tariffs, communication industry expert Xiang Ligang said in an interview that the traffic price is measured according to the technical level of the base station. With the advancement of technology, “in 5G, the price of 1G traffic may be 1 yuan or 5 cents."

The above 40 cities can experience 5G network services in advance. Of course, the friends who are not on the list of the above cities should not be anxious and envious. In the near future, each of us will be the target of 5G network!

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