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IP gooseneck microphone phone supports abbreviated dialing!

IP gooseneck microphone telephone, supporting standard SIP protocol and compatible with numerous IPPBX, is an emergency call telephone specifically designed for control centers such as broadcasting rooms, duty rooms, and stations.
1. Support for SIP registration and dialing: When there is a server, press the hands-free button and dial the extension number through the keyboard
2. Support for abbreviated dialing: In the absence of a server, press the hands-free button and enter the phone IP address suffix on the keyboard to make a call. As of, just dial 104 to make a call.
3. Supports one click broadcast: Press the broadcast button to automatically broadcast the broadcast voice
4. Support for one touch dialing: Press the hands-free button, then press the speed dial button with preset numbers to make one touch calls
Which of these four are most important to you?

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