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Dongguan Haide Bilingual School has adopted Afutel campus telephone

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The school in the most beautiful town in China has banned students from carrying mobile phones to school. Dongguan Haide Bilingual School, a school integrating primary school, junior high school and senior high school, has a beautiful environment. Campus telephones are installed in many places of the school to facilitate students to contact their parents. The school uses the campus card inserted family phone. Students can make phone calls by inserting the mobile phone card into the card and then inserting the card into the phone. For students and parents, this kind of campus phone is their own, and can be used at ease without any other charges. For the school, it is a win-win situation to not only solve the problem of students' communication needs, but also avoid arranging special personnel to manage and recharge the campus phone card. It is a standard phone for good schools.

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