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The Ministry of Education has banned students from bringing mobile phones to campus

Not long ago, the Ministry of Education issued a notice requesting that “in principle, primary and secondary school students should not bring personal mobile phones into campus, and schools should not use mobile phones to arrange homework or require students to use mobile phones to complete homework”, but communication equipment is essential for students to communicate with their parents. Therefore, the installation of campus phones in schools has also become a necessary project.

AFUTEL has launched a series of smart campus phones to meet the different needs of schools.

● AFT-BG-40 plug-in card phone (stand-alone version) Description: After inserting the mobile phone card into the card holder, the card holder can be inserted into the phone to dial, no need to manage, worry-free and convenient

● AFT-BG-88 plug-in radio frequency card telephone (stand-alone version) Description: You can set the rate, family number, software recharge/deduction

● AFT-BG-100 credit card telephone (stand-alone version) Description: The software sets the validity period and family number, and free calls within the validity period of the card

● AFT-BG-100 cloud platform swiping phone (networked version) Description: Support web management/WeChat official account/app to realize data cloud management

Appearance of card phone

Swipe phone appearance

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